Giving Back to Philly in 2015 with Community Orchards

March 19, 2015 Nicole Bump

Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is a priority at Harte Hanks. Most people call this “corporate social responsibility.” We just like to think of it as being good neighbors.

I recently shared a roundup of the pro-bono marketing projects we worked on for Orlando nonprofits in 2014 (known as our Knowledge Shared, Knowledge Gained program), and our 2015 nonprofit work is already underway in Philly.

The Contest: 8 Philadelphia Environmental Nonprofits

Our 2015 corporate social responsibility efforts kicked off with an event in Philadelphia, PA as part of our annual leadership conference. Employees from around the globe came together in teams to create marketing plans that would solve the challenges of 8 local nonprofit organizations focused on the environment, including Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, Hansberry Garden, Philadelphia Orchard Project, Friends of High School Park, TreePhilly, Clean Water Action, RecycleNOW and Clean Air Council.

Each team pitched their plan to a panel of judges with two key pieces:

  • a painting on canvas to demonstrate the nonprofit’s mission
  • a video to highlight how Harte Hanks could solve the marketing challenge

The Lucky Winner: Philadelphia Orchard Project

Every nonprofit was a winner with receipt of personalized marketing expertise to leverage for their business. But one nonprofit proposal was selected to Harte Hanks to execute on.

Based on the paintings and videos, our judges chose Philadelphia Orchard Project as the  winner of $15K in services to address its marketing challenges. This nonprofit’s mission is to plant orchards in the city of Philadelphia that grow healthy food, create green spaces and offer the community food security. The organization–a true one-man show–needs help to educate people where fruit comes from, how they can access it in their community (outside of the grocery store), and where their orchards are located.

“What excites me about this project is allowing a small organization to have access to enterprise level marketers,” said Anthony Figgins, member of the team working with Philadelphia Orchard Project. “It is a single person running the show with the assistance of a 50% trainer…not a team of individuals or a couple of people trying to do good; it is a single man with a vision…open to new ideas and being involved in the decisions. It is truly a designer’s dream client.”

Alex Gill agrees “I’m excited to be involved working on the project because Harte Hanks expertise and services will really make a difference– simple re-purposing and deployment of content will help boost awareness of the charity.”

Our CSR Champion Jason Cipriano acknowledged the value Harte Hanks can bring to projects like these. He said, “We are in a unique position to share our internal talent with organizations that can’t afford to staff or buy services that we offer and it’s a great way for us to learn about the people and communities where our employees live and work.”

Our team’s plan to advance Philadelphia Orchard Project’s mission consists of updating their website to be mobile friendly and providing them with templates that allow the organization to easily make updates in the future.

Moving Forward in 2015

Throughout 2015, our CSR activities will continue to support the Knowledge Shared, Knowledge Gained theme and focus on organizations where our talents will offer the greatest benefit to the community. With more than 5,000 employees across the globe, we’re working to minimize our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact of our operations.

Check out some of the great work done by Philadelphia Orchard Project:

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Nicole Bump, Director of Content Marketing is responsible for developing the Harte Hanks content strategy, bringing this strategy to life through the editorial board, generating much of the company's content and managing the Harte Hanks social presence. A writer at heart, Nicole also enjoys evaluating ways in which new technologies can enable better content production, distribution and measurement.

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