How to Find Your Most “Persuadable” Targets with Uplift Modeling

January 13, 2015 Nicole Bump

Wouldn’t it be great if we could weed out all of those people that won’t buy, regardless of what we send them? AND weed out all of the people that WILL buy, regardless of our marketing? Oh, wait, that’s what incremental modeling (aka uplift modeling) does.

Ever heard of it? Or how it differs from the slightly more common response modeling? Neither had I until a few months ago when I was assigned to create a solution sheet and case study for this specific type of marketing analytics.

My reaction? WOWZA. Why in the world isn’t everyone using this? After running an uplift model and using the results, one of our clients saw an uplift of almost 12% and ROI of 287%–those results are worth learning more.

Check out this infographic for a great run-down on what uplift modeling is, how it works, and what sort of results you could expect to see in your revenue vs. marketing spend.

incremental modeling uplift modeling

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Nicole Bump

Nicole Bump, Director of Content Marketing is responsible for developing the Harte Hanks content strategy, bringing this strategy to life through the editorial board, generating much of the company's content and managing the Harte Hanks social presence. A writer at heart, Nicole also enjoys evaluating ways in which new technologies can enable better content production, distribution and measurement.

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