The 5 Guiding Principles to a Great Customer Relationship

September 10, 2018 Alex Gill

Relationships. We’ve all had them. But in order for generate positive, successful relationships, you need to invest plenty of time, care and attention. And that's no different for the ones between  businesses and their customers. 

Want to be more human with your customers? Check out our Five Pillars of Best-in-Class Marketing.

About the Author

Alex Gill

Putting his decade of experience in B2B and B2C marketing to good use, Alex realizes integrated, metric-driven marketing strategies that boost sales and deliver impressive ROI across verticals. From buyer journey definition and demand generation to personas and marketing automation, he thrives on developing effective solutions, cementing strong relationships and growing profit with a pragmatic, customer-focused approach. Sports mad, Alex loves the NFL, the NBA and just about every other sport. In fact, he often leverages the power of data and analytics to manage his Fantasty Football teams more effectively…

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