How to Refine Your Growth Strategy with a 5 Pillars Audit

February 6, 2018

At Harte Hanks, we have created the 5 Pillars of Best-in-Class Marketing Framework to help marketers focus on those capabilities that have the greatest impact on competitiveness in today’s world. They are the essential ingredients for achieving best-in-class marketing, or for “Making Marketing Human.”

The 5 Pillars are required to consistently provide the right message to each buyer at the right time. While other marketing competencies are relevant, these five help companies focus on the essential elements of success and the most powerful drivers of marketing ROI.

This ebook outlines each of the Pillars and our process for auditing brands' performance against them.

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HHQ Vol 2 Winter 2018
HHQ Vol 2 Winter 2018

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