Decoding Customer Needs with the Buyer's Journey Framework

November 22, 2017

Every interaction between a company and a customer needs to bring value. It must engage the customer properly based on what we know about them, where they’re at in their buyer’s journey and what are they looking for. Marketing needs to offer short, clear interactions that add value and help consumers do research and self-educate as they move along their buyer’s journey.

To enable this, we integrate strategy, technology and best practices. We believe that best-in-class marketing is built on five pillars: Market Segmentation, Personas, Buyer’s Journey, Content and Data/ MarTech Ecosystem. This paper provides details on our approach to conducting buyer’s journey research. Our website offers additional information on the other four pillars.

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Harte Hanks Featured Vol 4 Nov 2017
Harte Hanks Featured Vol 4 Nov 2017

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