Infographic: Why Fractional Attribution is the Best Way to Measure MROI

July 23, 2018 Jennifer Miles-Losapio

Fractional Attribution rooted in proven math and statistical techniques is a critical tool to improve and optimize the performance of an incredibly complex system of channels and media, both online and offline. Check out why top-performing CMOs are relying on fractional attribution to improve their marketing efforts—and their return on investment—in this infographic.

Want to dig deeper? Check out this post: How to Optimize Spend with Fractional Attribution.

About the Author

Jennifer Miles-Losapio

Jennifer brings 13+ years of marketing and product management/innovation experience to Harte Hanks. As Director of Innovation and Growth, Jennifer leads the positioning of Harte Hanks' marketing technology solutions—which includes the modernization of our customer data, data management, and advanced analytics platforms.

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