5 Signs Your Contact Center has You in a Cookie Cutter

February 12, 2018 Rusty Langford

Going with the biggest contact center doesn't always means it's the best. Find out if your contact center has you stuck in a templated approach.

Check out the benefits of a more custom contact center approach: Benefits of a Boutique Contact Center (vs. the Big Guys)

About the Author

Rusty Langford

In his twenty-five plus years in the customer services industries, Rusty has been involved in all aspects of direct marketing and customer management. He is currently responsible for client management for all contact center programs at Harte Hanks. He has a broad array of customer experiences, including traditional customer support, multichannel support (including social support programs), lead management and web-based initiatives for clients like Samsung, Microsoft, Major League Baseball, HBO and Barnes & Nobel.

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