How to Refine Your Growth Strategy with a 5 Pillars Analysis

February 7, 2018

We live in the “Age of Me.” Buyers call the shots. Brands don’t control the buying process. Winning share of wallet means winning share of attention. Buyers expect companies to make offers that are interesting and relevant in the moment. Anything less is an unwanted intrusion.

The marketing function is under constant and intense pressure to adapt quickly. But which capabilities are performing well, and which are in dire need of improvement? Which marketing investments will deliver the greatest return?

View or download this ebook to see how a 5 Pillars Audit can help you to develop a rock-solid strategy—that will impress executives and customers alike.

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Know Your Customers (Like, Actually Know Them)
Know Your Customers (Like, Actually Know Them)

You must know your customers and their context more deeply to achieve more human marketing.

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Harte Hanks Featured Vol 6 Jan 2018
Harte Hanks Featured Vol 6 Jan 2018

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